Anse du Brick partner with ADAC campsites

ADAC Normandy campsiteCreated in 1903, ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) federates German automobile clubs. Gathering 18,73 million members in 2013, it is the Europe’s biggest automobile club association and the second most important worldwide behind the American giant AAA (American Automobile Association).

Partner with ADAC, the Anse du Brick campsite participate in the ADAC CampCard 2017 programme, offering the association members a special price for their holidays in Normandy.

ADAC, German automobile clubs federation

The ADAC is an institution deeply entrenched in the German society. It is regarded as the absolute reference for road and tourism information by the German population.

ADAC Roadside AssistanceThe core business of ADAC is first to provide its members with road assistance service. In order to ensure this, the association owns an impressive fleet of recovery vehicules, medical emergency vehicles, helicopters and medical planes. These vehicules are easily recognizable by their yellow color, also known as “yellow angels“.

They also play an educational role towards road users in order to prevent accidents. They perform tests on materials and equipments to provide evaluations and advice to their members. All these information are transmitted on their website, the numerous smartphones apps but also their specialist magazine called “ADAC Motorwelt”.

Fully committed to providing ongoing support for the road users, ADAC has developed many other services such as:

  • assistance to foreign countries
  • medical relief in case of traffic accidents
  • road traffic information
  • legal advice
  • tourism information

ADAC, a quality guarantee to choose your holidays

Most of the German tourists comes to France thanks to the organization ADAC, in particular in the camping and caravaning sector. The guide “ADAC Campingführer” is regarded as the “Bible of campsites” by German campers.

Adac camping tipp 2017 anse du brickADAC lists the most prestigious campsites. Each year, lots of inspectors travel around to visit and evaluate the quality of affiliated campsites. An overall score is attributed to campsites on a 5-star scale. The detail of this rating gathers 5 classification criteria: sanitary facilities, field, services, leisure activities, bathing.

The Anse du Brick was given an overall rating of 4,5/5 in 2017 that allowed us to received the Camping Tipp 2017 price.

A sign of guaranteed quality for your holidays!

ADAC at the Anse du Brick campsite

Benefit from the advantage of the ADAC card

In collaboration with ADAC, the Anse du Brick campsite participates in a members-only reduction program.

adac campcard 2017The ADAC campsite Anse du Brick offers you during low-season (from 01/04/17 to 08/07/17 and from 26/08/17 to 23/09/17) a single rate of 19€/night for a Touring pitch (dog included).

A special price for camping enthusiasts who can reduce the cost of their stay in Normandy. Come and enjoy the covered pool and all the campsite’s equipments.

If you are interested in smart prices, the Anse du Brick is also a partner of ACSI and ANWB.