Broadband wifi connection from all the campsite. Easy access for everyone to all the campsite facilities.

Each year the Anse du Brick campsite implements various development actions in order to provide holidaymakers with excellent comfort and superior quality services. This year, the emphasis was placed on accessibility !
Accessibility to informations thanks to a reliable and powerfull internet connection as well as the physical accessibility for everyone to all campsite facilities.

A top-range internet connection

broadband wifi connectionRemain connected during your holidays!

Today, when going on holiday with family or friends, each of us needs a good network to connect their device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, game console… The different devices have multiplied and become increasingly greedy in resources.

That is why the Anse du Brick campsite has modernized its WIFI installations to provide its customers with a great quality of technological service. The broadband is now available from all the campsite, with different wifi packs, including the simultaneous connection of 4 devices maximum.

A TV access for laptops, tablets and smartphones can now be optionally ordered.

A fully accessible campsite for all

Campsite accessible for disabled peopleAdapting campsite facilities

The Anse du Brick already had sanitary blocks adapted to disabled people, but since 2016 developement works has been made in all the campsite to provide a safe and easy access to all the facilities : creation of slopes, safe stairs (non-skid strips and handrails), dedicated car park.

All the facilities are now accessible.

Mobile home for disabled peopleA brand-new Cottage for disabled peoople

In the framework of making the whole campsite accessible for everyone, we just set up a new kind of mobile home which is entirely adapted to disabled people.

It is fitted with an outdoor access ramp, grab bars, and light switches installed at a lower height. A wheelchair can easily move inside the mobile home.

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