The Anse du brick campsite was ranked 37th in customer satisfaction on all European campsites

100 campsites have been selected among all the European campsites as best in customer satisfaction by 2 French campsites are part of this selection, included the Anse du Brick campsite which was ranked 37th., one of the most visited online camping guide is an online guide which references campsites from all over Europe and allow campers to rate the campsite and let a comment evaluating the quality of their stay.

Many criteria are taken into account: location, sanitary facilities, friendliness, leisure options, price/performance ratio …

The German website is now translated in many other languages and is now a real reference in camping review website. In 2015 they received more than 12,6 millions visitors, which makes them one of the most visited online camping guide in Europe. Award, the customer satisfaction award

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Each year, the prize is awarded to the best 100 campsites regarding customer satisfaction, among all European campsite.

A reward with a great transparency as it is not given by a jury but only by the reviews of campers.

Camping info award 2016The campsites’ ranking is based on :

  • the global rate,
  • the specific rates,
  • the reliability of the reviewer.

Indeed campers can evaluate each other by indicating if a comment has been helpful or not.

A big thank you to all the campers who have reviewed our campsite and made us win!

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