The Anse du Brick, ANWB campsite in France

ANWB campsite franceANWB Royal Touring Club with its 4,4 millions of members has enormous influence all over the Netherlands. Originally founded to provide advice and assistance to road users, it has developed over the years, increasing its services quantity and quality.

ANWB has broadened its offering and now provides holidays throughout Europe. The Anse du Brick, ANWB campsite in Normandy, is regularly audited by the Touring association.

ANWB, the Holland Royal Touring Club

Created in 1883 by Dirk ter Haar and Edo Johannes Bergsma, ANWB was at first a cyclists association whose acronym standed for “Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond” which means “cyclists general Dutch association”. In the following years, the use of cars has developed so much that motorists were included to the federation. The original name became “Algemene Nederlandse Wegenwacht Bond“. But today the official name of the association is Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond ANWB, which means ANWB Royal Touring Club.

ANWB Medical Air assistanceA reliable roadside assistance

ANWB really contributed to improve road safety in the Netherlands. The federation has installed roadside emergency call points to assist and rescue people in case of traffic accidents or car breakdowns. These emergency phones are easily identified due to their yellow colour, official colour of the organization. To this day, ANWB is still responsible for the managment of these emergency calls.

ANWB is owner of aerial emergency response vehicles, with more than de 7 000 flights per year, 5 helicopters and 33 pilots. It is the first medical helicopter operator in the Netherlands. With its 3 128 employees, the association handled in 2016 over a million road accidents.

Member of the FIA, the Automobile International Federation, ANWB is the biggest Touring Club of the country, actively involved in road safety, travels and leisure.

An automobile club very present for its members

ANWB magasins en hollandeThe association broadcasts its information through many ways of communication. They publish the most distributed magazine of the Netherlands, Kampioen, with its 3 540 000 copies, and 4 other specialist magazines about travel. Their website records 110,7 millions visits per year.

They own 87 outlets in which cloathing, travel accessories and tourist brochures are sold, and also 50 franchised driving school all over the country. They runs 6 tour operators: Pharos Reizen, Fox vakanties, Travelhome, SNP, Cruise Travel et ANWB Kampeerreizen.

Audit ANWB, a guaranteed quality for your camping holidays

The ANWB rating system

audit qualité anwb normandieEach year, the inspectors of the Dutch association carry out about 2 000 independent audits in Europe. During their visit, they run a quality control to help holiday makers getting a true picture of each campsite.

The final results of these visits are included in the ANWB campsites guide and on their website.

Grades are represented by stars, with a maximum number of 5. They are grouped within 5 big categories including each 2 classification criteria:

  • Sanitary: quantity, quality
  • Field: pitches, overall impression
  • Shops & Restaurants: shops, restaurants
  • Bathing: natural bathing, swimming pools
  • Leisure: sport and relaxing equipment, activities

Those different grades are compiled to get the overall rating of the campsite. Sanitary and Field categories represent 65 % of the overall rate while Shops & Restaurants, Bathing and Leisure only represent 35 %.

ANWB top camping 2018A quality ANWB campsite in Normandy

Thanks to the quality and diversity of its services, the Normandy ANWB campsite Anse du Brick scored the highest grade of 5 stars during their last audit. After receiving the exemplary title of “Top campsite 2017 last year, it was granted the “Top campsite 2018” title this year, attributed to campsites with the top mark.

See below the rating details for the Anse du Brick

Note anwb camping anse du brick normandie

The Anse du Brick has also been nominated as “Camping de charme 2017” among 10 selected campsites from all over the Europe.

Check the Anse du Brick ANWB campsite profile and discover the customer reviews.

Camping Key Europe at Anse du Brick

Camping Key Europe anwbThe Anse du Brick participates in the “Camping Key Europe” discount programme.

Card holders benefit from a special price on Tourism camping pitch, for 19€/night. The discount includes 2 persons, 1 dog, electricity. The Camping Key Europe is accepted in low-season, from 01st April to 08th July 2017 and from 26th August to 23rd September 2017.

The Anse du Brick campsite is also partner with ACSI campsite and ADAC campsite.